Journey of Emotional Healing 

Understanding Emotional Pain and Healing

Your Mind and Body avoid emotional pain too well !

Have you heard of the loving but over-protective Mom or Dad? Like a momma bear!  Your body and brain are also natural centers of comfort and protection from emotional pain. Like the over-protective parent, your body and brain will naturally do things that sometimes may not be good for you in the long run!  If not trained otherwise, your body and brain may quickly make a habit of any behavior that either avoids inner emotional pain or gives an immediate good feeling to cover the pain.

Do you feel an urge to:

AVOID the pain of touching a burner on the stove, or AVOID bike or car accidents by driving safely?  That is good!  How about: AVOID certain people, situations, or things? AVOID the emotional pain associated with work, school or relationships?
This could be unhealthy.

TAKE foods and drugs that keep you from from feeling emotional pain or make you feel good temporarily? When the bad feelings start to return do you take more food or drugs in a pattern of addiction?

BECOME a couch potato rather than have the short-term pain of exercise?

CONSTANTLY REPEAT any activity (texting, hobbies, yard work, sex, religion, reading, exercise, etc) that takes you away from the emotional pain of being lonely or the emotional pain in relationships with on-going conflict?

DISPLAY EMOTIONS REPEATEDLY in such a way that your family or boss has commented on it, such as lash back in anger, verbally abuse others, become sullen, or withdrawn?

DENY the painful situation going on around you or bury the painful emotions that you are feeling?

FORGET certain memories or deny them immediate access to your mind, because they are full of emotional pain. Do you put up mental roadblocks to remembering?

Perhaps it is time to begin your Journey of Emotional Healing through  Transformation Prayer Ministry!

A Child's Mind will believe anything!

The brain of a young child does not make adult sense because it sees “me” as the center of the universe around which all things occur and it sees “Mom or Dad” as the authority in all things. A child may handle emotional pain in various ways. For instance, the brain of a child will DECIDE that:

I am bad” because Mom is depressed
"It's my fault" that Mom and Dad are fighting
"It is terrible" to have little money
“I am unlovable”,  “I will always be alone” since my parents don't ever stay home
“I am stupid” because Mom or Dad, sibling or teacher said so or hinted at this.
"Shouting and hitting are OK" because my parents do it.

Do you see how your mind takes care of you as a child or an adult? 

As a child or in a traumatic event your mind may have created or accepted lies about you that may have remained hidden but continually produce emotional pain today. In adulthood, like an over-protective parent, the mind may go overboard in keeping emotional pain away. The brain is not naturally attuned to long-term benefit and would rather protect you now from past and present pain by leading you to be addicted or compulsive, unhealthy activities, or by hiding memories etc.

Will you seek emotional healing through Christian Prayer Ministry?

You will need to choose, by an act of your own will, to seek and find real healing for your painful feelings and inappropriate or unhealthy behavior.

You may find some relief from your emotional pain by attending recovery groups, learning from self-help books/CDs, studying and applying scriptural and other spiritual helps, and sharing your struggles with a trusted friend or mentor. However, these may not get to the root causes of some emotional pain and behavior. Most of us have at least a few painful events in our past that hold some really “stinking thinking,” or lies about ourselves that need uncovered and healed to have lasting Peace.
It takes courage and often a skilled facilitator to help you to  overcome your brain's messages of “don't go there!" (Remember your brain does not have your long-term interest of emotional healing in mind). Use the motivation of loving yourself, being healthy for those you love, and the power of your own will to seek the help you need in finding emotional healing.

God is ready and willing to set you free through Transformation Prayer Ministry

God wants you to have Peace and Love in all areas of your life. He is waiting to touch those particular areas of unhealed emotional pain that perhaps no one else can touch. He is waiting to set you free!  

Bonita Graves holds a Masters Degree in Education and is certified as a Transformation Prayer Facilitator.  She has years of experience in Christian Prayer Ministry --  training people to deal more effectively with stressful feelings, strained communications in relationships, and deep hurts from the past. She is available weekdays and some evenings, (weekends to visitors to the area.)  To inquire, call  727-366-7469 or email  Please note that Bonita is NOT a licensed professional counselor or an ordained minister.

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