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A Personal Message:

Hello!  Thanks for visiting my website!

I came to live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida ten years ago. My husband and I enjoy Florida living!  We are blessed with three adult married children and six grandchildren, some living in Florida, some in Texas; and my 96 year-old "spry" mother lives near us.

I've always felt a deep compassion and sensitivity to anyone who is emotionally hurting. I wanted to learn to help alleviate that pain in others (as well as my own pain), so I set out many years ago on a journey of emotional healing.  I learned that one must identify their own feelings, name them, feel them and then learn to communicate them in appropriate ways to others. But "why" those unwanted painful feelings were there in the first place sometimes didn't make sense. Not until I came into a personal relationship with the Living God through His Son Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah (30 years ago) did more answers come through prayer, study of the Scriptures, and insight from other mature believers in the Body of Christ who had also ministered to the emotionally "hurting."

Experience in Christian Prayer Ministry

After obtaining my Master Degree in Education - Rehabilitation Counseling, I began 20 years in various facets of the “helping professions” which included mental health education and training. About 15 years ago I heard about Transformation Prayer Ministry (called Theophostic Prayer Ministry then) and during a time of my own emotional distress I decided to go to a Theophostic prayer minister for help. I experienced such peace and joy as God met me in the my deep areas of emotional pain and changed my "stinking thinking" about myself.
I immediately began training to become a Transfromation Prayer Facilitator. As I ministered to others I began to see miraculous results. Just like me, others became free from life-long stressful thoughts and feelings and deep hurts from the past through learning to process their emotions in a whole new way. They became better able to cope with life's challenging situations with more peace and calm.

For the past 14 years I have been priviledged to minister to men and women using the TPM process in a variety of settings and see them set free from life-long emotional hurt and pain.

Prior to living in Florida, my husband and I lived in Israel for five years volunteering with a faith-based organization, giving comfort and practical helps to victims of terrorist attacks, holocoust survivors, and new Jewish immigrants returning to their ancient homeland. My husband and I were able to minister TPM to some terrorist survivors. In particular, we assisted a guilt-ridden soldier who had served valiantly in the IDF, but afterwards was unable to function as a father and husband. He did an incredible turn around in his life after a TPM session. Jesus revealed Himself to the man in a war memory where he was involved in a horrible terror attack that cost many lives, and Jesus said to him:  "It was not your fault." This "truth" set him free... "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32


Education/Training History for Emotional Healing

Masters of Education Degree -Rehabilitation Counseling (Kent State University, Kent, OH)
Post graduate coursework: marital issues, life-span human development, abnormal psychology, group dynamics. (Liberty Christian University, Virginia; Denton Women's University, Denton,TX)

Continuing education: co-dependency issues, drug abuse issues including 12-Steps; rape crises, adults abused as children, domestic abuse; reality, gestalt, and cognitive therapy; men's issues, women's issues, temperament analysis (various Mental Health and Christian recovery programs in several States)

Rapha biblical-centered Search for Significance foundational training (Houston, TX)

Grace Training Center Bible School (Kansas City, MO)

Equipping Ministries International (Cincinnati, OH) - completed classes in listening skills, couples communication, rational thinking, family systems, breaking free from the past)

2002 Licensed for Christian Ministry by Liberty Christian Life Center (Olathe, KS)

Theophostic Prayer Ministry: 2003 Basic and Advanced Training; 2007 Updated Training;  2014 Facilitator Training and Certification with founder, Edward M. Smith ( FT Myers, FL);  2017 Updated Training with "The Map"

Work-related experience in Christian Ministry

1988 - 2007 Christian ministry with various organizations including Rapha Christ-Centered mental health worker in Texas and Ohio; City Union Mission family center outreach to the homeless and a church-based ministry in K.C. MO;  prayer minister at Liberty Christian Life Center, Olathe KC.

2007- Present in Tampa Bay area: Transformation prayer minister initially out of a Messianic synagogue and a faith-based community Women's Ministry. Currently ministering in my home church "Connect2Christ" church in Seminole and my Journey of Healing business out of "Center for Health and Healing" in Pinellas Park.

 Bonita Graves holds a Masters Degree in Education and is certified as a Transformation Prayer Facilitator.  She has years of experience in Christian Prayer Ministry -- training people to deal more effectively with stressful feelings, strained communications in relationships, and deep hurts from the past. She is available weekdays and some evenings (weekends to visitors to the area).  To inquire, call  727-366-7469 or email  Please note that Bonita is NOT a licensed professional counselor or an ordained minister.

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Journey of Emotional Healing

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